Bib number

Do you have a question about your TCS Amsterdam Marathon bib number? Check this page for all the information about bib numbers.

Wanneer ontvang ik mijn startnummer?
Bib numbers are not sent to your address. In October you will receive an e-mail with the information about collecting your bib number. On presentation of your e-mail, you can collect your bib number at the Marathon Expo, hall 3. Don’t forget your e-mail!
Participants in the marathon and those who have ordered the running shirt will receive a coupon when picking up their bib number. On presenting this coupon at the Marathon Expo, Hall 3 at the stand pre-ordered running shirt, you will receive your Mizuno Running shirt.

Opening hours Marathon Expo:
Friday 15 October: 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday 16 October: 9.00 – 19.00
Sunday 17 October: 7.30 – 14.00
Ik wil mijn afstand wijzigen, wat moet ik doen?
Have you not been able to train completely, or have you been injured, and can you no longer run your chosen distance? You can choose a shorter distance during the event.

If you choose a change from:
– TCS Marathon to Mizuno Half Marathon: First pick up your starting number in hall 3 of Sporthallen Zuid. With your starting number you can visit the Le Champion Helpdesk (in the same hall). At the Helpdesk we ensure that you receive a new starting number for the Mizuno Half Marathon.
– Mizuno Half Marathon to TCS 8 KM: You don’t have to do anything. You can start with your starting number for the Mizuno Half Marathon, in the comparable starting section of the TCS 8 KM.
 – TCS Marathon to TCS 8 KM: You don’t have to do anything. You can start with your starting number for the TCS Marathon in the comparable starting section of the TCS 8 KM.

You will not receive a refund of the registration fee. You do, however, retain the Mizuno Running Shirt if you have registered for the entire marathon.

Pay attention! A longer distance is therefore not possible!
Ik wil mijn registratie annuleren
If you are a member of Le Champion you can cancel your registration 6 weeks prior to the event. Click here to inform us on your cancellation. Mention your membership number, the event and your registration number. Are you not a Le Champion member, than you are unable to cancel your registration. You will not receive a refund for the registration fee and the ordered extra’s. The registration can also not be transferred to next year.

In that case we advise you to assign or to sell your bib number to another runner. You can do this via the supply and demand page on the website. This page will be available after the registration is closed.
Ik wil mijn startnummer overdragen
Have you found someone that wants to take over your bib number or someone who offers a bib number, you have until 15th October to assign the bib number to someone else. This is possible via your personal dashboard in Atleta. You can login via your personal dashboard by clicking on the person icon at the menu of the website. When you are logged in to your dashboard, click on the option ‘Assign bib number’. Here you fill in the name and e-mail address of the new participant. This person receives an e-mail to complete the transfer. The transfer is at your own risk.

Be aware! The name on the bib number can’t be changed anymore. The name in the system however is changed so that name will be in the list of results. The registration can’t be transferred to next year.
Hoe worden de startvakken ingedeeld?
The starting areas are made, based on the expected end time you filled in at your registration. The expected finish time can be changed until 15th October by logging in to your personal dashboard.

 If you wish to start in a different starting area, you can always start later. Starting earlier is not allowed, starting later is allowed.