Virtual Run

In 2021 the TCS Amsterdam Marathon will also start virtually! The Virtual Run will be an annual part of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Last year the virtual edition with more than 6,000 runners from 104 different countries turned out to be a huge success. Also this year it is possible for runners who cannot come to Amsterdam to experience the event from their own country. The Virtual Run will take place simultaneously with the live event on Sunday October 17 between 00:00 and 23:59 hours. Ofcourse nothing beats the live finish in the Olympic Stadium, but this is your chance to determine your own finish line, anywhere in the world.


Registration for the Virtual Run is possible untill Monday October 11, 2021. You can choose from the three main distances: the TCS Marathon, the Mizuno Half Marathon or the TCS 8K.

Choose your finisher package and register here
Finisher pakket
€ 10,00
When you participate in the Virtual TCS Amsterdam Marathon you will receive the finisher package, consisting of the following parts:
  • Registration of your finish time in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon App 2021, powerd by TCS
  • Digital bib number for your chosen distance (printable)
  • Digial finish certificate
  • Smart Medal
  • Your result on the website of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon
  • Digital qoodybag of our partners with great offers
  • Possibility to do a voluntary donation to our charity Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)
Run for the medal
€ 15.00 (exclusive shipping costs)
Would you like an everlasting memory of your Virtual Run? Then choose the finisher package including the official medal of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2021. The medal will be sent to your home address after completing your run.
Run for the race shirt
€ 40.00 (exclusive shipping costs)
Or will you go for the complete finisher package including the official Mizuno Race Shirt 2021? When registering, you can choose a men's shirt (size XS to XXL) or a women's shirt (size XS to XXL).

How to participate?

Download the TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2021 App, powered by TCS and get the most out of your Virtual Run experience. The app is the only way to officially participate in the Virtual Run. Via GPS you can register your finish time in the app and personalize your virtual experience, including a digital bib number, digital medal and a personal finish certificate. The race app will be available in the stores from October 1st.
Login app
Navigate to the ‘Virtual Run’ button in the menu. Log in with your bib number which have been assigned by us and the date of birth that you specified during your registration. You can find these details in the registration confirmation.
Personal bib number
Create your personal bib number in the app. Print the bib number and pin it on during your Virtual Run. You can also share the bib number online with your supporters.
Set your course
Choose a course yourself in your own environment for the distance that you have registered for (full marathon, half marathon or 8K). Avoid running in very small loops, because the GPS signal of your phone may not always be accurate enough. Share the course with your family and friends for support and care on the way (for example via WhatsApp). Live tracking for supporters is not possible via the Virtual Run App.
Date virtual race day
Run your chosen distance on Sunday October 17, 2021 between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 hours (UTC/GMT +2 hours). 
Track your time
We use the GPS of your phone to track your time and distance so bring your phone while running. To begin recording, tap the ‘Start Run’ button at the bottom of the screen. When you have completed your distance tap the ‘End Run’ button. Please note once you have started your timer, you can’t restart it. Pausing is not possible. Run an extra 100 to 200 meters to be sure of a finish time for your distance, GPS registration is not 100% accurate.
Manual entry
If you would like to use a different wearable to track you time of your Virtual Run, you could also choose to enter your time manually to the app. Navigate to the ‘Manual Entry’ field via the ‘Virtual Run’ button in the menu. Enter here your finish time in hours, minutes and seconds and tap the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Minimum time permitted for entry:
- Full marathon: 2 hours and 15 minutes
- Half marathon: 1 hour and 10 minutes
 - 8K: 25 minutes
Digital certificate and medal
Afterwards download your digital certificate and your digital medal and make your own finish line selfie to share with your friends and family.​​​​
Ordered extras
If you ordered the official medal and/or Mizuno Race Shirt at the time of registration, it will be mailed to your home address no later than 15 November.
Results of the live and virtual event will be published at