Run against cancer TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)
For the fourth year in a row, your participation in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon allows you to take action for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). Together we have already raised nearly 2.5 million euros for groundbreaking cancer research at the Cancer Center Amsterdam in recent years. On to the 4 million! Will you help?

Your race makes a difference
Every 5 minutes, someone in the Netherlands is diagnosed with cancer. In that same time, you run 1 kilometer. Whether you get it yourself or someone you care about; cancer disrupts your life. KWF is committed to reducing the impact of cancer.

We give you the chance to turn the powerlessness you may feel when touched by cancer into strength. Run against cancer, raise money for important cancer research and contribute to KWF's mission: Fewer people diagnosed with cancer, more people cured and more people living better with and after cancer.

During previous editions we already raised almost 2.5 million euros. Your race can really make a difference. Will you join us this year?
Donate for cancer research in Amsterdam
All participants in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to KWF while registering. These donations will be used to support ground breaking cancer research at the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam. You can also create a fundraising page to raise money for this cause. That way you have the chance to contribute with every step you take.

Set up a fundraising page