Run against cancer during TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)
Start and finish in the famous Olympic Stadium, run under the Rijksmuseum, enjoy the Dutch landscapes along the Amstel and be encouraged by enthusiastic Amsterdammers in the Vondelpark. The TCS Amsterdam Marathon is a fantastic experience to every runner.

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon supports KWF. This is why we ask every runner to contribute to ground breaking research at the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam. Run against cancer during the TCS Amsterdam Marathon!

Donate for cancer research in Amsterdam
Every person in the Netherlands will at some stage be touched by cancer in one way or another. Whether you have it yourself, or someone you care about has it, cancer disrupts peoples lives. For all those people, KWF has been making a difference for 72 years. You can also contribute!

During previous editions, we already raised more than 1 million euros. Together we can really make a difference! Will you join us this year?
All participants in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to KWF while registering. These donations will be used to support ground breaking cancer research at the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam. You can also create a fundraising page to raise money for this cause. That way you have the chance to contribute with every step you take.

Set up a fundraising page