TCS Marathon

TCS Marathon

The main distance of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is the TCS Marathon. Enjoy the world capital Amsterdam and run along the most attractive passages of the city.

The course in Amsterdam is known for its flat, fast and historical character. The start and finish take place in the historical Olympic Stadium. Every year this leaves an unforgettable impression, thanks to the presence of the supporters in the tribunes and the marathon grandstand! The course of the Marathon follows a part of the course of the Olympic Games in 1928 alongside the Amstel River, stately mansions and windmills. This rural trail offers beautiful views and gives an impression of the enormous activity that rules the Amstel every day.

The course leads the runners close to capital inner city of Amsterdam en knows many highlights, that are worth a seperate sightseeing tour. A few of the most attractive passages can be read here.


Starting time: 09.00 - 09.30 hours
Time limit: 6 hours
Starting areas

The starting areas are on the field inside of the Olympic Stadium. After entrance through the marathon gate you will be directed to your starting area. Each starting area corresponds with an expected finish time. The colour on the bib number corresponds to your permitted starting area.
The marathon gate opens at 7.45 hours. Starting areas pink and orange are also accessible via the entrance stairs on the outside of the stadium. You must be on the field by 8.50 hours at the latest. After this time the en- trance to the stadium will be closed. There is a limited number of toilets in the starting area, we advise you to use the toilets outside the Olympic Stadium.
No clothing can be left in the stadium. Any clothing left in the stadium will be removed the moment the race starts.

Color starting area Expected finish time 
White Invited athletes and athletes with a personal best up to 2.40 hrs
Yellow Athletes with an expected finish time between 2.41 hrs and 3.00 hrs
Pink Athletes with an expected finish time between 3.01 hrs and 3.30 hrs
Orange Athletes with an expected finish time between 3.31 hrs and 4.00 hrs
Green Athletes with an expected finish time between 4.01 hrs and 4.30 hrs
Blue Athletes with an expected finish time between 4.31 hrs and 6.00 hrs

View the layout of the starting areas and the map of the starting area here.

Clothing drop-off
During the TCS Marathon, clothing will be stored in tents around the Olympic Stadium. The service is free but we are not responsible for any stolen or missing items. It is not allowed to take loose items of clothing into the stadium. The clothing drop-off is opened from 07.30 until 17.00 hours. 


The elevation level
View the elevation level of the TCS Marathon here. 
Refreshment stations
There will be a sponge and water stations along the route, handing out water and sportsdrink as well as fruit to the marathon runners. At the refreshment stations toilet and first-aid facilities will also be available.

It is not possible for participants to have sports nutrition (bottles, etc.) delivered to the refreshment stations via the organisation.
Distance AA Drink Iso Lemon Water Bananas Sponges
5 KM X X
10 KM X X X X
16 KM X X X X
20 KM X X X X
26 KM X X X X
30 KM X X X X
32 KM
35 KM X X X X
38 KM X X X X
40 KM
Finish X X X
AA Drink Iso Lemon
  • Especially developed energy drink to maintain your fluid and energy balance during that strenuous exertion
  • The vitamins B3, E, B5, B6 and H support the immune system and metabolism
The AA Drink Iso Lemon are handing out in 0.15L cups. At the finish, participants receive a bottle of AA Drink Iso Lemon of 0.33L.

Pay attention! There are no energy bars/gels available at the refreshment stations, so you should bring these yourself (if desired).
Limits and clocks TCS Marathon
The time limit for the TCS Marathon is 6 hours. The finish in the Olympic Stadium closes at 17.00 hours. This following km-points should be reached at:

  • 5 km - 10.12 hours
  • 10 km - 10.54 hours
  • 15 km - 11.36 hours
  • 20 km - 12.19 hours
  • 25 km - 13.01 hours 
  • 42,195 km - 17.00 hours

Runners who are reached by the sweeper vehicle, based on the passing-time table, and will therefore certainly exceed the time limit will be called upon by a member of the jury to leave the race and, for reasons of safety, get into the broom wagon. Should you decide to continue the race, despite the request of the jury member, you do so at your own risk. Remember, the course will be opened to traffic again once the broom wagon has passed. The water points and medical care points will also be removed, and it will no longer be possible to end in the Olympic Stadium. If you are removed from the race, you will not be eligible for a medal.

Kilometer points and time registration
There are digital clocks at the start and at various km-points. Every 5 km your time will be registered and boards will be placed at every km-point.


Participants will finish at the Olympic Stadium in front of the grandstand. At the finish you will receive your medal and heat sheet (if necessary). Water is also available here. After crossing the finish line, please try to keep moving. Outside the Olympic Stadium you will receive a bottle of AA Drink and banana.
All participants who cross the finish line receive a medal. To make yours even more special, you can personalise it with your name and finish time. You will find the stand at the bridge between the Olympic Stadium and Sporthallen Zuid. If you ordered an engraved medal when you registered, there will be a medal symbol on your bib number. On the day it will cost the € 10.00.