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The TCS Amsterdam Marathon has been running for over forty years. Its history, however, extends further than 1975 as marathons were run long before then, including the most famous race at the 1928 Olympic Games. Read more about the event's history here.


During the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Le Champion will do its best to provide the very best care to participants. If you are to take part in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, however, you must take responsibility to ensure your preparation is appropriate. Below you can find further information on preparing carefully for the event.

Caring for participants
See where the first aid/care points are located for the TCS Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon and TCS 8 km.

Medical supervision
Many Red Cross workers will be available before, during and also after the event. If you need any help during the race, you can approach the nearest first aid/care point. There are also plenty of ambulances dotted around the course to offer specialist care, if necessary. Important! We kindly ask you to write a name, address and telephone number of someone who will be available on the day, on the back of your race number, just in case there is an accident. Please don’t forget to do this.  

Use of AED's
The Athletics Union encourages the use of AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillators) during medium/long running events. The threshold to start with with running has lowered gradually. Running is a well-known method for getting fit and leading a healthy life. In collaboration with Procardio ( the supplier of AED’s), the Athletics Union AED’s will be made available for this running event. As a result, the risks of dying due a heart attack when running in a competitive event can be reduced.

Missing persons - information points
Just after the finish line, there will be an information point for missing persons. You may only use this information point if you have lost family or friends and suspect that they may have suffered medical issues. This location is not for questions regarding results, public transport or similar.

A team from the ‘Nederlands Gennotschap van Sportmassage’ will be available in Sporthallen Zuid on Sunday 17 October for comprehensive (free) massages. Time: 8.30 – 17.00 hrs.

Clothing drop-off

During the TCS Marathon, clothing will be stored in tents outside the Olympic Stadium. Participants in the Mizuno Half Marathon and TCS 8K can find their drop-off point on the square in front of Sporthallen Zuid. The service is free but we are not responsible for any stolen or missing items. It is not allowed to take loose items of clothing into the stadium.

Opening hours clothing drop-off:
• TCS Marathon 07.30 - 17.00 hours
• Mizuno Halve Marathon 12.00 - 17.00 hours
• TCS 8 km 08.40 - 12.15 hours

Changing facilities
Limited dressing rooms with showers are available at sports venue Sporthallen Zuid.

At Sporthallen Zuid there are limited number of lockers available to store your bag or valuable belongings.


Watch here the statistics for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon.