It is important to prepare well for a marathon. That is why Stichting Trainingslopen offers training runs specifically for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Below you will find more information about these training opportunities.

Stichting Trainingslopen

Since 2007 Stichting Trainingslopen organises their popular and well-known training runs in preparation for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. You are welcome on one or more of our training runs to prepare, under the guidance of our experienced pacers, for your marathon. The runs are non-competitive. In a nutshell, the training runs are about the specific training effect of long endurance runs, the social aspect of running in a group, the sharing of knowledge and experience by our seasoned pacers and running coaches, the exchange of marathon stories between runners, and respect for each persons’ running ability.

Stichting Trainingslopen organises the training runs in cooperation with Athletics Club Phanos. Start and finish are in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, unless the Stadium is not available due to another event. In that case we move to VRA Cricket Club. The routes explore the Amsterdamse Bos, where there is a drink station, offering you water, sports drink and fruit.

The dates and exact start times for the runs in 2021 are not yet known. The distances remain unchanged:

  • Late July / early August 2021– 20K (12.4 miles)
  • Second half of August 2021 – 25K (15.5 miles)
  • First half of September 2021– 30K (18.6 miles)
  • Second half of September – 30K/32K (18.6/20 miles)

You can sign up for one or more training runs without participation in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, but you can also sign up for a complete marathon package. This package consists of:

  • A marathon ticket for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon
  • A Mizuno Race Shirt of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2021
  • Entrance to all 4 training runs 2021 organised by Stichting Trainingslopen
  • A bath towel as a Stichting Trainingslopen runner’s memento

You can also sign up for one or more training runs when you are not doing the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. For more information and registration, go the Stichting Trainingslopen website: You can find our latest news on Facebook and on Twitter.

30 van Amsterdam Noord running event

Want to gauge your readiness for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon? On 8 September 2019, AV-ATOS will be organising the 30 van Amsterdam Noord running event for the 18th time. Many people treat the event as an opportunity to prepare for the marathon.

The 30 km course leads through the beautiful green surroundings of Waterland, picturesque villages such as Zunderdorp, Zuiderwoude and Broek in Waterland and the Volgermeerpolder nature reserve. Held just six weeks prior to the marathon, the 30 van Amsterdam Noord event is a great way to gauge your readiness for the full distance. If you perform well in the 30 van Amsterdam Noord at your level, you are essentially all set. And if you are not happy with your performance, you still have time to do something about it.

If you don’t want to commit to the 30 km distance on 8 September, the half marathon is back on the programme this year. There are also 10 and 15 km distances for those preparing for the Mizuno Half Marathon and/or the Dam tot Damloop.

Register at

Phanos courses

This summer Phanos will again be organising courses to help runners train for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon or the Mizuno Half Marathon.

If you want to arrive well prepared at the start of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, why not sign up for one of their courses? Experienced and qualified trainers will spend six months guiding you through your training for the half or full marathon.

  • If you are running your first marathon or feel your training could be improved, our marathon training course will ensure that you are properly prepared. To successfully engage in the course and run an autumn marathon, you must be able to run for an hour at the start of the course. The course can also help you prepare for the autumn marathon in Berlin or New York, for example. The training schedule will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If you have a bit more running experience and are comfortable running 10 km, why not train for the Mizuno Half Marathon? The training schedule is also for those preparing to run the Dam tot Damloop 10 English Mile event on Sunday 22 September.