Bib number supply & demand

Unable to participate at the last moment or still searching for a bib number? The brand-new, 100% secure Atleta Resale platform enables you, in case of hindrance or injury, to safely resell your ticket. Transparent, secure 🛡️, and fast!

Want to sell a ticket?
  • Click the button below
  • Choose 'Offer your ticket from your dashboard'
  • Select the ticket you want to offer and click 'Details' and 'Resell ticket' on your ticket
  • Set your ticket price and share the registration link with the person taking over your ticket or offer your ticket for 'Public resale'

Want to buy a ticket?
  • Click the button below
  • Select the desired ticket
  • Enter your details and confirm
Please note! You can change details until 9 September 2024. Subsequent changes will no longer be included in orders. This means that after this date, the name on the bib number cannot be changed. 
WARNING! Unfortunately, there are some scammers active on our tickets & offers page. We try to monitor this as much as possible. Are you looking for a race number? Be alert and ask for proof that the person actually has a race number available. Selling and/or buying a starting licence is at your own risk.