Bib number supply & demand

Are you still looking for a bib number for the TCS Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, TCS 8Kor are you unfortunately unable to participate and do you want to sell your bib number? On this page we offer you the opportunity to buy or sell a bib number.

Note! Check well in advance the colour of the bib number you will take over. The colour of the bib number determines your starting time, which cannot be changed. Click here for all starting times.

Transfer bib number

You can transfer your bib number via your personal dashboard. Go to 'Open dashboard' in your confirmation e-mail and click on your ticket to transfer it to someone else.
WARNING! Unfortunately, there are some scammers active on our tickets & offers page. We try to monitor this as much as possible. Are you looking for a race number? Be alert and ask for proof that the person actually has a race number available. Selling and/or buying a starting licence is at your own risk.