The TCS 8K is part of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. 


The TCS 8K takes participants from the Stadionweg on the first small round of the official marathon course. Along the way you will pass, among other attractions, the Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark! The last part of the course takes you via the Amstelveenseweg to the finish in the Olympic Stadium. 

Start & finish

The TCS 8K starts at 10.10 hours at Stadionweg (subject to change). 

Participants will finish at the Olympic Stadium, in front of the grandstand (free entrance). At the finish, you will receive a medal and heat sheet (if necessary). Water is also available here. Outside the Olympic Stadium you will receive a bottle of Isostar and fruit. After crossing the finish line, please try to keep moving. You can finish the TCS 8K until 11.20 hours. After 11.20 hours your finish is outside the stadium. You will also receive your medal and bottle of Isostar there.

Starting areas

The starting areas are situated at the Stadionweg. Each starting area corresponds to an expected finish time. The color of your bib number corresponds to the color of your starting area. Click here for the map. Pay attention! The first start time (10.10 hours) is confirmed, the following starting areas are target start times. The lime limit for the TCS 8K is 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

Starting time Color starting area Expected finish time 
10.10 hrs White Finish < 0.50.00 hrs
10.14 hrs Yellow TCS employees and guests, members Le Champion, Business Run, Groups and Charities
10.18 hrs Pink Finish > 0.50.00 hrs

Refreshment stations

There will be a sponge and water station along the course, handing out water, sportsdrink as well as fruit. Toilet and first-aid facilities will also be available.

Water Bananas